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Fall In Love With Yoga

After a summer of fun it's time for us to get our lives back on schedule, including regular yoga practice! There is no better time to start or resume yoga then the month of September because this month is International Yoga Month! So here are our top tips on how to Fall in Love with Yoga this September!

1. Start Slow

If you have been away from the mat for a while don't force yourself to start back up where you left off. Your body may have less flexibility and strength then it did when you were at the peak of your practice and that's okay! So don't force your body into something it isn't ready for. This month we have tons of classes that can help you ease back into the practice like beginners yoga, yoga 1 and yoga for all! So check out a class that you feel will serve your body, mind and heart as they exist here now. Full Schedule of classes available here!

2. Set Realistic but Achievable Goals

You may have once been practicing yoga 7 days a week but as you have stepped off of your mat and created space in your life for new and exciting things you might find it hard to go back to this exact same schedule and that's okay! Set goals like yoga once or twice a week as you ease back into it so you don't get discouraged if you don't meet your weekly yoga goals.

3. Pencil in Time on Your Mat

After an incredibly busy summer you are probably getting back into routine not just with yoga but with other things that you love to do. So as you create your schedule each week or month put aside specific time for your yoga practice, even if it is just 10 minutes when you wake up or before you go to bed. When you have specific time scheduled for your practice you can look forward to that time knowing it is already part of your schedule and that you don't have to find space to try and fit it in.

4. Do Yoga with a Friend

Yoga by yourself is a really beautiful and wonderful experience but we know that like other healthy habits it is easier to stay on track if you have an accountability partner! Plus you and your yoga bestie can enjoy car rides to the studio together where you can catch up on all of the awesome experiences that you had over the summer!

5. Listen to Your Body

We all seem to struggle with this at times. We have so much to do between work or school, family, friends, maintaining a household etc that we often push our bodies too far to get everything accomplished. As you start to fall back in love with yoga try to listen to what your body is telling you. If body wants you to move around then do it! If body wants you to relax then do that! Give yourself full permission to practice and rest whenever your body is in need.

6. Attend a Yoga Retreat

Attending a yoga retreat is a great way to get back into the practice, it will allow you the opportunity to put total undivided attention into your practice and into yourself. Being fully immersed in yoga often reminds us how great the practice feels in our body, mind and soul; especially after taking a break. If you missed the opportunity to practice on the beaches of Lake Champlain this Summer there is another opportunity this fall! More details here.

7. Buy a New Mat

What could possibly get you more excited to get back on the mat then purchasing a new mat to enjoy your practice on! There are so many colors, shapes, designs, materials and sizes available online now that you can definitely find one to match your unique style and personality! We recommend products from because they have a wide range of choices, lifetime guarantee AND are made without the toxic chemicals that other yoga mats are made with (the same chemicals that are absorbed through our skin into our blood stream).

Are you excited to get your body, mind, heart and spirit back into tip top shape with your yoga practice!? We sure hope so! To help you Fall in Love with Yoga this September we are offering a full month of UNLIMITED Yoga classes for just $49 (only to students that do not currently have a package with us)! This offer is available online and in studio from now until September 30th and the package starts on your date of purchase, so if you can't get to the studio until the middle or end of the month you can still take advantage of this OMazing offer!

In Love and Light,

The Full Lotus Team

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