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Spring Clean Your Spirit

The spring equinox is on its way in just a few short weeks! You might already have the itch to spring clean your living space, to get rid of things that you no longer need or want, to create space for things that will spark joy and inspiration. While cleaning up our external space is incredibly important and satisfying, it is just as important to spring clean our internal space. We tend to have a lot of internal clutter that shows up in the form of judgement, resentment, conflict, limiting beliefs, old wounds and more! Yuck! So how can we start to recognize what no longer serves the highest good of our being and begin creating space for the peace, love, joy, abundance and bliss that we all truly desire? Continue reading to find out!

1. Journal

Journaling is such a simple, yet effective tool for going inward and taking serious inventory. When we journal we do a total brain spill of everything that is lingering in our minds. As things that were previously hidden begin to come to the surface you can start to become aware of all of the mental clutter that is holding you back. Building awareness around what our specific blocks are is a vital step in breaking through the resistance and starting to create space. Journaling doesn't have to only be for creating awareness, it can also be an effective tool for actually letting go. By releasing the thought from our mind onto paper, we don't have to continue thinking about whatever it is that is troubling us because it is safely stored some place else. If you really want to let go, you can burn pages of your journal that hold thoughts and emotions that you no longer wish to hold onto. When I do this type of practice I meditate or pray with my release and then burn some sage or palo santo after to really clear out the blockages.

2. Meditate

"Quiet the mind and the soul will speak." - Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati

If you really want to know what is ready to be released and how to release it you have to turn inward. All of the answers that we seek are within. When we quiet the mind long enough in meditation the soul can begin to shine through and guide us on our path to surrender. Meditation is not easy, especially as you get started but be gentle and compassionate with yourself as you explore the practice. Our mind is where we replay the past, judge ourselves and others, form our limiting beliefs, pick at our old wounds and spiral completely out of control. Meditation isn't exactly about controlling the thoughts, it's about no longer allowing the thoughts to control you. If you can make that subtle sift to no longer let the thoughts drive your life and instead be guided by deep inner truth you will truly be set free. If you need help getting started you can check out our FREE 7 Day Meditation Series or my FREE Inner Being Alignment Activation Meditation!

3. Choose Again

When we spring clean our home it's pretty simple, we pack up the car with all of the old clothes, home decor and children's toys laying around that are no longer needed or wanted, we drive down to our favorite non-profit and give them away to others who might be in need, then we skip home with a smile on our face and sigh of relief, finally it's gone for good. That box of donated items isn't going to show back up ringing our doorbell later, trying to crawl back into our lives. Its done. Gone. Finito. Sadly, spring cleaning our internal space isn't as simple. We can dust off those thoughts, throw them in the trash, kick them to the curb, etc but they will probably continue to sneak up on us and try to take over. The choose again method presented by Gabrielle Bernstein is a simple process to help us kick those thoughts to the curb again and again. It is a simple technique and it can be used anytime, anywhere. Just as simple as 123. Step 1 Recognize the thought, Step 2 forgive the thought, Step 3 choose a better feeling thought. This technique might seems a little too good to be true, but transformation is just a bunch of small shifts added up over time. Each time you choose again, you help rewire your brain, reconnect to yourself and rework your entire life.

4. Practice Forgiveness

Forgiveness can literally set you free. Don't believe me? Take it from my dear friend Valene. Choosing to forgive others and more importantly, forgive ourselves can help us soften into more love and compassion. Love is the true essence of our beings, any experience outside of love is a separation from our spirit. When we choose forgiveness we choose to tap back into our truth and it is liberating to release ourselves from the troubles of the physical world and connect deeper with our soul self. Forgiveness helps us to clean out some of those extra sticky blocks on our journey back to truth. Like any of these practices, forgiveness can be HARD. But of course we call it practice, not perfection and like any practice is takes time, hard work and dedication but I promise you that what is on the opposite side of each of these practices is a life beyond your wildest dreams.

Would you like deeper guidance through the practices of meditation and journaling? Do you want to finally recognize those limiting stories and get rid of them for good? Is it time to finally free yourself from all of that clutter? Do you wish to rediscover who you are at the truth of your being?

Join Valene Evanciew of Rising Sparrows Intuitive Alchemy and I this June at our Embodying Your True Essence: Claiming Your Divine Feminine Power Retreat.

Included in the retreat is:

❤ 3 Nights Shared Room Accommodations at Camp Schuyler View ❤ Plant Based Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner ❤ Daily Private Beach Yoga ❤ Daily Meditations: Inner Child, Karmic Cycles, Limiting Beliefs & Writing New Stories and More! ❤ Nightly Bonfire and Empowering Kirtan ❤ Bath Towels & Toiletries ❤ Workshops & Ceremonies: 4 Houses & Spirit Discussion Six Life Categories Exploration Sacred Self Care Awakening Your Divine Feminine Self Limiting Beliefs & Inner Glass Ceiling Rewriting Old Stories & Release Ceremonies Evaluating Karmic Cycles & Effects of Trauma Learning to Heal Old Wounds Healing Techniques To Integrate In Daily Self Care Routines The Power of Forgiveness Workshop ❤ Spiritual Guidance ❤ Opportunity to connect with like-hearted women ❤ One on One Intuitive Card Readings ❤ Tunnel of Love Send Off

Sending you all wishes of space and clarity!

With Love,

The Full Lotus Yoga Team

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