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Top Tips for Loving Yourself this Valentine's Day

More and more I am working with people who have deep love and appreciation for others in their lives but do not experience those feelings for themselves. I see so many people speaking negatively about themselves and their lives as well as taking actions that do not serve the highest good of their being. I see us all doing so much in our lives yet telling ourselves that we aren't enough or that we do not do enough. Love is the true essence of our being, connect back with your true love essence by loving yourself this Valentine's day, below are our top tips for doing so!

1. Positive Affirmations

If you struggle to love yourself unconditionally mantras or positive affirmations can be an extremely helpful tool. Anytime that you catch yourself in a negative thought pattern about yourself or you catch yourself in a self sabotaging act try to change the dialogue with one of the affirmations below!

"I give and receive love freely"

"I deeply love and accept myself"

"I am worthy of being loved fully"

Repeat these to yourself until you feel your energy shift! If none of these resonate with you, you could try creating one of your own!

2. Sacred Self Care

Many of use spend a ton of time loving, supporting and taking care of others but how much time do we really dedicate to love, supporting and taking care of ourselves? Whether your favorite form of self care is a yoga class or a cup of hot tea, see if you can specifically schedule time each day or even just once a week to participate in something that really fills your cup.

3. Get to Know Yourself

As a collective we are really very good at filling our time and space with lots to do, lots to see and lots to be. So much that we may forget who we are at the truth of our being. If you find this to be true for you take some time to be by yourself and really get to know yourself again. You can practice journaling or meditating to really go deep into the truth of your being. If you would like some guidance you can download my FREE Inner Being Alignment Activation Mediation here!

4. Take a Break

You are an amazing human, a great friend, a loving family member, a truly remarkable employee. You do so much for others and even cut out some time for yourself. But the state of constantly having to do something or be something is exhausting and can really leave us feeling bad about ourselves. Give yourself time to step back from EVERYTHING and just be. We have the ability to do less and accomplish so much more. This will help you to feel more fulfilled and more free and in those feelings you will find deep deep love and appreciation for yourself.

5. Celebrate Yourself!

There is so much that you have accomplished in your life. So much that you have survived through. So much that you have healed through. So much that you have supported others in doing. Take time to list all of the things that you have done and really allow yourself to celebrate each and every one of them because what you do is more than enough and what you do/who you are is 100% worth celebrating!

If you need additional help tapping into your feelings of self love this year you can join us for our Healing Heart Yoga Class on February 12th or really dive deep in our Embodying Your True Essence Retreat in June 2020!

Wishing you all abundant love this Valentine's day!

The Full Lotus Yoga Team

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