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What Fall and Yoga Both Teach Us About Life

In our first blog post we discussed the pattern of life and seasons. Spring being birth and rebirth, summer being life, fall being death and winter being eternal. Our practice of yoga follows a very similar pattern. As we settle into our mats and into our bodies, grounding and connecting with the present moment, breathing vital life force energy into the body we are reborn into the practice that gives us life. With every breath and every movement that follows we bring life to the body, the mind, the heart and the soul. Shedding the light of life on every space in our being, even some of the darkest spaces. In moments of stillness we find surrender and in those moments we are reminded that surrending is not raising the white flag and giving up but very simply just letting go. Letting go of anything that does not serve the good of your best and highest form of self. And in those moments of true surrender we sink into a space of contentment; contentment with ourselves, with our practice and with the world around us. And when we find ourselves completely content, completely accepting, we find ourselves in a space of eternal bliss. We are reborn when this space of everlasting bliss manifests itself so deep within our being that it carries us through our lives off of the mat. The parallels between Fall and Yoga are surrender, symbolic death and creation of space. This process is sometimes very long and very hard. The word process is essential here because it isn't one and done, it is a constant ongoing work in progress. Our practice of yoga teaches us that what we let go of and how we let go of it is really the unimportant part. The really meaningful aspect of surrender is the places that you create space and the things that you create space for. The space found in your body with each breath, in your mind with each thought released and in the heart and soul with every moment of surrender matched with the space found for new love, light, life, peace, joy and bliss is unparalleled to the nonserving aspects that we are attaching to and struggling to release.

The season of fall teaches us that it is both good and natural to let go. Imagine yourself sitting outside on a beautiful and sunny fall day as a rainbow of leaves peacefully and gracefully fall from the branches of above trees onto the earth. What can we learn about surrender from nature? Here we witness the trees going through the process of death without holding back, letting go of every last thing that no longer serves them. The trees do not resist this process, the trees do not hold on to that which is no longer serving them, the trees do not worry about what will fill that empty space, the trees just simply flow with what is and trust that new life will return in its place. Here we are taught to not fear the release and to instead flow with the natural processes of life with grace and ease.

If we continue to observe the process of the trees through the winter and into the spring we find that on the other side of death is new life. We observe the breath taking beauty of new leaves and new buds that create the fruits of life. What would the trees look like now if they had held on and refused to let go? The leaves would be brown and dead leaving no space for the new life, the trees would be completely worn out by the energy and space that they were giving to that which no longer serves them. Imagine yourself for a moment holding onto those leaves, those heavy burdens that don't encourage your best way of being. Imagine how tired and defeated you look and feel by still nourishing those spaces that need to be surrendered. Now imagine what you would look like and feel like if you released that weight from your shoulders if you allowed yourself space for new buds, new flowers, new leaves. Winter teaches us that this transformation does not happen over night, that it only happens in divine timing but that the end result is worth wait.

Wishing you all a very blessed season of surrender!

In infinite love and light,

The Full Lotus Yoga Team 💖✨

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